Excellent Products & Profitability

At Century Hardware, we are continually looking for innovation in our industry. We partner with our customers in design and development to build a positive product image. We believe that profitability lies in our ability to produce excellent products that reflect the trends and needs of customers in this industry today.

Sensitive to the customer’s need for a continual flow of fresh designs into the marketplace, our in-house design team is always looking for opportunities to craft new pieces and collections to compliment the growing trends in the kitchen and bath industry.

From conception and visualization, to the fine-tuning of the details of each individual piece and their elegant finishing, Century’s design team takes pride in crafting new pieces that excite the industry. In 2005, Century introduced 6 brand new collections in a variety of popular finishes, as well as expanding two other collections with new pieces and finishes.

Our Patents

We currently hold a number of patents on our Exclusive line of quality decorative hardware, including:

  • Kentwood – USPN D553,944; USPN D558,557
  • Vineyard – USPN D551,055; USPN D550,534; USPN D553,943
  • Hamilton – USPN D553,942; USPN D554,466
  • Iris – USPN D574,212; USPN D582,247
  • Regal – USPN D565,385
  • Cali – USPN D579,749; USPN D575,620; USPN D574,218
  • Sunglow – USPN D574,217; USPN D574,216; USPN D585,263
  • Luna – USPN D583,647; USPN D584,593
  • Volute – USPN D602,758; USPN D626,399; USPN D627,620
  • Serenity – USPN D680,850; USPN D680,848
  • Isis – USPN D704,029 S; USPN D704,031 S
  • Mackinac – USPN D704,026 S; USPN D704,030 S