For Dealers

Enhance your showroom by displaying Century’s design collections. Each tower will hold up to 20 collection boards. Century’s sleek display is designed to take up little floor space in your showroom. Our European style carousel measures only 19” x 19” x 69” and ships in an easy-to-assemble flat pack for normal ground service. For added convenience, each display board is pre-assembled.

Give your customer what they need

Since your customer needs their hardware now, you need a supplier with product in stock, who delivers fast. Century Hardware fulfills that need with same day shipping and a 99.3% fill rate.

Unique Design

Your customers are looking for decorative hardware that makes a statement. To meet the needs of such customers, you must have a supplier with unique designs. Century has the only patented decorative hardware designs in the industry, if your customer wants unique design, check out our newly patented Vineyard and Kentwood Collections.

Advice on Styles and Trends

Have you ever had a customer who wasn’t quite sure what they were looking for? When your sales people are looking for reliable advice to pass on to their customers, you need a supplier who provides support. Century has knowledgeable sales personnel and friendly customer service standing by to take your calls and answer any questions that your sales people might have.

Hardware that fits their budget

When you have a customer looking for hardware that will fit their budget, you need a supplier who sells to you at a competitive price point. Century Hardware promises to sell to you at a price point that will help increase your bottom line.


If not us, then WHO? If not now, then WHEN? Contact us to begin the process of pleasing your customers and growing your bottom line.

Exclusive Program

We have worked carefully to create a partner program that truly benefits both parties! We work smart as well as hard.

Display Options

Century Hardware provides its customers with a convenient system to attractively display its collections.